Curriculum and our approach.


Our curriculum is designed to provide endless opportunities to a child to develop his personality. Child is given a numerous ways to excel in language, Math, Science, and Communication. The curriculum is so balanced that a child never feels tired or blank at any time during school hours. All we do is to create sense of appreciation for what they are learning. Our curriculum is not made of books, chalks and talks; in fact, it is full of life and has practical application along with lots of activities and sports. For every segment, benchmarks are made to measure the progress of a child.

Our Approach

  • Let students Stretch their minds
  • Strengthen their body
  • Enrich their imagination
  • Nourish their spirit
  • Open their hearts to others
Main Campus
E-82 Block 4, Gulshan-e–Iqbal Karachi Pakistan
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Girl's Campus
C-19 & 20 Block 4, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Pakistan
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