Respected madam
I am glad to see¬† the gift regarding STUDENT OF THE MONTH to Samrah Faisal alhamdulillah. Jazakillah khair to appriciate the students.ūüėä

Mother of Samrah Faisal

Dear sir/madam
Usually peoples are found of criticism and least bother about the importance of appreciation. I among few who understanding the power of appreciation.  Hats off to the entire team of benchmark.  The people who are part if appointment of resources specially the teaching staff. I have seen great improvement in my daughter not only academic but her conduct her pronunciation her willingness to go to school and much more.
Thanks a lot to her teacher Miss Fatima and the entire team of Benchmark.

Father of Syeda Daanya Dilshad
Student of Junior Al Badar

Respected sir,
Assalaam o alaikum

We have seen remarkable improvements regarding academics, sports, heavy bags etc. for which we would like to highly appreciate you and your team.
Students also enjoyed very much on fun day.congratulations on conducting such a wonderful outing.
May Allah reward you with His lots of blessings.

Parents of Syed Omar Ali
Grade V As Siddiq

Assalaam O alaikum

We would like to appreciate  the efforts , your team has put in designing the academic calendar this year. It was relieving to see  monthly tests which are going to be included for the first time and appropriate gaps between competitions held in a month.

Keep it up

Parents of Omar Ali
Grade 5 As Siddiq

Assalaam o alaikum

We would like to appreciate specially sir  fayyaz (admin) and sir fakhar  who performed their duties at home time during very hot weather  with full responsibility and care.

Parent of Omar Ali


Thank you very much for inviting me as judge for science exhibition held at your school, it was a very well organised, managed and worth appreciating event where I learnt new applications of scientific concepts and their applications students worked very hard and made very good projects which can be repeated at much larger platform and events, I really appreciate the management, teachers and students who organised really helpful and fruitful event which may not only increase students interest towards science but taught guests new applications of scientific concepts


My own daughters

Reception Al Ghani 1911

Junior Al Badar 1632

are studying at your school and I am very much satisfied about their further studies


As salam mou alaikum wr wb,
Dear Sir,

I had visited the science exhibition , it was a good experience . That was a good achievement for all Teachers and Hoc who conducted that type of activity for students in short time ,  i really appreciate and thanks full to all Teachers , Hoc and directors who arrange such a amazing activity for students . There were some projects that were really worth appreciating such as radar and many more . 

 I want to one request from you , your visit duration was only 90 minutes it was 10 to 11 30  please increase the time in next exhibition so parents can visit all project easily , hope you will be continue that type of more activities in future and encourage the students in all fields may ALLAH give jazaa e khair to all of you
ones again many many congratulations to benchmark team and students . 

 Thanks & Regards

M Rafiq Lakhani
Parents of  Ubai Ahmed  GR # 893

Assalamualikum ,

I am really satisfied by your greatt efforts and energies giving our children .May Allah almighty helps you at every step you are taking for the betterment of our children ameen. keep it up Madam Sanam….


Respected sir
Assalaam o alaikum

We have seen remarkable improvement from February till may 2018 for which We would like to highly appreciate Sir Aftab( boys section head) who are doing his job very efficiently.He always satisfied us in meetings.We are thankful to him to give lot of time to consider our concerns and resolved them immediately.May Allah reward him for all this.

In this time period ,
issues are resolved immediately .
No change of teachers.
Work of all subjects are properly done
Detailed teacher’s comments in result report.
Sports have improved.

We hope we will see more improvement in future.Insha Allah.All the best.


Parents of Omar Ali

Assalam o alaikum Wr Wb

Many many congratulations to all belonging to the benchmark hifz section. May Allah grant best rewards. I pray for complete success of this organization and students belonging to this.

JazakAllah khair.
Sadaf farhan

Dear Sir,

The benchmark is doing brilliant job for our kids,  you are making Huffaz for umma, and there is nothing better than this,



Respected teachers of junior section,

I would like to appreciate all your marvelous efforts which I have seen on that day.your excellent art work was shown not only on students crown but also on trees of the school.students enjoyed their activities a lot.students also gave presentations which is helpful for improving their communication skills.many many congratulations on conducting such a nice event.keep it up.

Mother of Aisha Syed
Junior Al Siddiq

 MASHA’ALLAH! Every project was awe sum and every students and teachers made effort hardly but suggestion for admin that don’t make slips for voting because every project is so good, voting one is injustice for other projects. Thanx

(Scince Project Presentation)

Parent of Zaid Siddiqui

¬†“Admission in Benchmark was a great bounty which we got after so much struggle. Today is ¬†first day of my child at your school. Logo ne kaha k Benchmark bohot acha school he , ghalat kaha. Aaj main ne dekha Benchmark jesa koi school nahin. Teachers, massi, coordinators all are extraordinary efficient. We were we happy to see a very very organized welcome for our children. My daughter is very little, she was crying but , teacher treated her with so much love , at the day end she didn‚Äôt want to go back with me. Most amazing! We saw a crying child sitting on floor and Director sat with him to relax him. We were shocked, how did she sit on floor with a child whose mother was not there.¬† Director was roaming around , meeting students with so much love whole time. If director I think Mrs. Ghazanfer is of this kind how good she has guided all teachers.

Very impressive lady, very impressive day, we saw a great leader (down to earth) director today.
Bachy rotay houye gaye thy, sub hansty hansty wapis aaye. Alhumdulillah

Allah ki bohoot baadi naimat hae kay hum Benchmark main admission karwaya.

On the behalf of all mothers of Reception”

‚ÄúAs a parent, I always feel proud on my children as they are students of your school. I always same feelings with Zeeshan sahib and I always found him my elder brother who always helped me and guided me.¬† I always feel myself as a team member of your school management and would love to be a life time member of your team as a volunteer.¬† Previously, I had experiences with other known and reputed schools like Beacon and Headstart but Alhamdulilaah, ALLAH Ta‚Äôaala guided me the rite path and my kids joined Benchmark.‚ÄĚRayyan Ahmed Siddiqui / Sahbaan Ahmed Siddiqui

Father of Rayyan Ahmed Siddiqui/Sahbaan Ahmed Siddiqui

The Principal & Management
The Benchmark School


Refer your beautiful gift / present to my son Arham.

We are thankful to the school management and staff for the encouragement and incentive through beautiful gift given our son Arham on completion of his punj-para.

Now he is pumped up and showed his eagerness and determination for further hardworking and success in Hifz-Quran.

Thank you once again for your continuous attention on character building and high quality standard of education.



The success of THE BENCHMARK can be measured by the confidence, happiness and laughter of the children which attend.
We feel very lucky that our children (Muhammad Azbak Ali,Nawal Ali) are students at the school. They look forward to school and since starting both children have blossomed academically, physically ,spiritually and in confidence.

We are very happy to see them increasing interest in attending school because they got a good companion in the school. They enjoy the activities being done at school. It also makes us wonder when they recite quranic surah and ahadith with a translation (English). We used to only wonder if our children find this kind of school and finally our prayers have been answered and our dreams come true in the name of THE BENCHMARK.

ALHAMDULLAH and thanks to Mr. Rizwan Hafeez and his Team JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRAN

We wish great prosperous developments to the school for their coming years, which will bring better fruits in our society.

Father of Azbak ali & Nawal ali

Dear Rizwan sb

After watching and academic program on T.V., I am reinforced and my belief is strengthened that my kids are at right place. I pray to Allah that He helps us all for Vision at The Benchmark comes true! Up to now I am very much satisfied what you and the principal with her committed team have planned and performed. For example: celebrating Drink Day, a simply fabulous idea having a worthy vision and leaving a positive mark on children. I take this opportunity to request especially Principal to plan and arrange every activity which instill confidence in our kids. Although needless to say but I have just written it for my satisfaction.

Father of Ali Salman & Nameerah Salman

MashaAllah Hamza Asif is improving day by day and this is very encouraging. I wish the benchmark progress, prosperity and growth every day. Ameeen

Mother of Hamza Asif

I have seen great improvement in my child, she learned how to eat by herself, when she recite kalama with translation, I am very happy. Only in 3 months she had learned so much. I just can not believe.

Mother of Sarah     


I am satisfied with teachers and school. MashaAllah Asher is improving every day. He has learned so many things in very short period of time.

Mother of Asher



Alhamdulillah, My child’s progress is satisfied. I appreciate your efforts and you all are doing good job.  May Allah accomplish your mission. (Ameen)

Mother of Asrar ul Haq.

I found The benchmark better than any other school. It has very good way of teaching Islam.

Mother of Zain ud din


It  hasn’t been long since my son has been admitted but up till now I am satisfied with the school and the activities too.
Mother of M. Hani Muzamil


I feel that my children become more responsible, well mannered, and hardworking. They’ve also learned Islamic values. All credit goes to THE BENCHMARK.  Thanks to being such a real caring group of people. 

Mother of Hadi and Hania

Izhaan is performing very well in studies.  I am very happy with school but due to his illness he couldn’t attend school regularly.

Mother of Izhaan Ali


Focus on character building and extra curriculum activities are well appreciated. I am very well satisfied with teaching methodology.

Mother of Ayesha

Alhadulillah! My child has good progress. He is enjoying activities, improving his behaviour, and over all he is doing well.  Staff is very cooperative.

Mother of Abdur Rafay. 

Alhamdullilah, we are very pleased to see our children’s performance and participation in school activities.  We are very grateful to school about their improvement in discipline, positive change in behaviour and their daily life activities, specially, when they recite daily supplications.  We are thankful to the school’s team and teachers.  

Mother of Akbar and Nawal.

MashaAllah! School is very good. All teachers and staff are cooperative and friendly. I am really satisfied.  May Allah give you all success in your mission. (Aameen) 

Mother of Mohammad Hunain Mirza and Hafsa Mirza.