This segment is made to encourage students to improve themselves on daily basis. They are judged for their level of improvement in regularity, punctuality, behaviour, language and studies. Students are given gifts and appreciation in the Assembly; as well a letter of appreciation is issued to parents for their efforts. Their names appear on the special soft board specially made for this purpose and on the website.

 Student of the month (Junior Section  )

Month Student Grade / Section
April 2018 Musab Khan
Ahmed Zafar Butt
Senior Al-Haider
Grade II As-Siddiq
March 2018 Muhammad Bin Sayem
Hibban Shoaib
Reception Al-Farooq
Grade I Al-Haider
February 2018 Rawaha Usman
Muhammad Afnan Khan
Junior Al-Haider
Grade III As-Siddiq
January 2018 Riaan Zeeshan
Musab Bin Umair
Grade I As-Siddiq
Grade Senior Al-Haider
November 2017 Abdullah Usman  Grade II Al-Farooq
October 2017 Abdullah Bin Naveed  Grade I Al-Farooq
September 2017 M Usman Khan Grade I Al-Ghani
August 2017 Imad Tariq Grade II Al-Farooq

Student of the month (Boys Section)

Month Student Grade / Section
March 2018 Subhan Ahmed  Grade V As-Siddiq
February 2018  Adan Kamran  Grade VI As-Siddiq
January 2018 Muhammad Ahmed Qazi  Grade VII As-Siddiq
October 2017  Zakwan Khan  Grade VI As-Siddiq
September 2017 Mohammad Taha Tanveer  Grade V As-Siddiq
August 2017  Yahya Patel  Grade VI As-Siddiq

Student of the month (Girls Campus)

Month Student Grade
April 2018 Ayesha Syed Senior (Fatima tuz Zohra)
March 2018 Maria Javed Grade IV (Fatima Tuz Zohra)
February 2018 Fareah Qazi Grade V (Fatima Tuz Zohra)
January 2018 Maryam Jawwad Grade VI (Fatima Tuz Zohra)
November 2017 Rumaisa Ahmer Grade VI (Fatima Tuz Zohra)
October 2017 Saliha Batool Grade II (Khadija Tul Kubra)
September 2017 Hadia Usmani Grade VI (Fatima Tuz Zohra)
August 2017 Mahnoor Salman Grade VII (Fatima Tuz Zohra)