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Monthly Reminder
  • Umar Ibn al-Khattab (RA): Do not be fooled by the one who recites the Quran. His recitation is but speech, but look to those who act according to it.
  • Get the fact, not the panic about coronavirus
  • Stay in Wudu الوضوء stay clean physically and spiritually
  • Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction.” Ayat 78
  • Muhammad (pbuh) :The best among you is the one who doesn’t harm others with his tongue and hands.
  • This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah –Al Baqarah Ayat 2
Teachers are appreciated with cash reward and their names are posted on special soft board specially made for this purpose and on the website. Teacher with three consecutive wins will get his/her a permanent increment in the middle of the session.
August 2021
  • Ramsha Ali (Girls Section)
  • Ms Maria Sadiq (Junior Section – Boys)
  • Ms Amna Shafiq (Junior Section – Girls)
  • Abdul Basit (Boys Section)
  • Hasan Iqbal Khan (Main Campus Admin Officer)
  • Syed Faheem Haider (Main Campus Admin Officer)
  • Faiza Erum (Montessori Section)
  • Qari Imdadullah (Boys Hifz)
September 2021
  • Muhammad Waqar (Boys Section)
  • Hurraira Saleem (Junior Section – Boys)
  • Nida Mujeeb (Junior Section – Girls)
  • Fayyaz Ali Khan (Admin Department)
  • Ms.Hafiza Faiza Rasheed (Montessori Section)
  • Qari Muhammad Naeem
  • Ms Sundus Nasir (Girls Campus)
  • Ms Bushra Younus (Girls Hifz)
October 2021
  • MS Bushra Misbah (Junior Section)
  • Ms Laiba Vohra (Junior Section)
  • S.Muhammad Umair Riaz (Boys Section)
  • Ms Zainab Zubair (Montessori Section)
  • Qari Imdad Ullah Khan (Boys Hifz)
  • Zeenat Mehboob (Girls Campus)
November 2021
  • Hira Waseem khan (Montessori Section)
  • Ahmed Naseem (Boys Section)
  • Ms Amna Shafiq ( Junior Section – Girls)
  • Ms Urooj Ishtiaq ( Junior Section – Boys)
  • Qari Zulfiqar (Boys Hifz)
December 2021
  • Qari Zia ul Allah (Boys Hifz)
January 2022
  • Ms.Syeda Sukaina Kamal (Montessori Section)
  • Memoona Muhammad (Junior Section – Boys)
  • Aizaz Anwer (Boys Section)
  • MS Rizwana (Girls Campus)
  • Qari Ziaullah (Boys Hifz)
February 2022
  • Ms. Syeda Zainab Ali (Montessori Section)
  • Sir Tuaha Ahmed Hashmi (Boys Section)
  • Ms Sadia Wahid (Junior Section – Boys)
  • Ms Faiza Sadiq (Girls Section)
  • Ms Bushra Younus (Girls Hifz)
March 2022
  • Ms. Afra Naz (Montessori Section)
  • Ms Sana Mohsin (Girls Campus)
  • Ms Farah Hameed (Junior Section – Boys)
  • Ms Shumaila (Junior Section – Girls)
  • Sir Muhammad Ilyas (Boys Section)
May 2022
  • Muhammad Zeeshan Arif (Boys Section)
June 2022
  • Syed Faheem Haider (Boys Section)
  • Qari Hafiz Akhter Nawaz
August 2022
  • Miss Laraib Momal (Montessori Section)
  • Miss Mahnoor Ahmed (Montessori Section)
  • Qaria Rizwana (Girls Campus)
  • Aisha Niaz (Girls Campus)
September 2022
  • Ms. Alizah Nadir (Montessori Section)
  • Ms. Umm e Habiba Abdul Aziz (Montessori Section)
  • Ms Ayesha Azmat (Junior Section-Boys)
  • Ms Nida Faraz (Junior Section-Girls)
  • Urooj Ahmed (Girls Section)
  • Zeenat Mehboob (Hifz Section)
  • Syed Muhammad Hamza Tajudin (Boys Section)
  • Qari Hayat-ul-Zaman (Huffaz Section)
October 2022
  • Ms. Khizra (Montessori Section)
  • Ms.Asma (Montessori Section)
  • Abdul Basit (Boys Section)
  • Ms Amna Shafiq (Junior Section)
  • Qari Hayat ul Zaman (Hifz Section)
November 2022
  • Ms. Sabah Shams (Montessori Section)
  • Ms. Javeria Shahbaz (Montessori Section)
  • Kashif Saeed (Boys Section)
  • Ms Tayyaba Wali (Junior Section)
  • Bushra Waseem (Girls Section)
  • Qari Hayat (Huffaz Section)
December 2022
  • Sir Zeeshan Arif (Boys Section)
  • Fayyaz Ali (Admin)
January 2023
  • Qari Shahid Nazeer (Huffaz Section)
  • Talha Farooq (Boys Section)
  • Sadaf Imran (Montessori Section)
  • Sadia Aslam (Montessori Section)
  • Sumbul Shakil (Girls Section)
  • Khansa Misbah (Hafizat Section)
  • Ms Unzila Huda (Junior Section)
  • Hasan Iqbal Khan (Girls Campus-Admin)
Feburary 2023
  • Qari Zulfiqar Ahmed (Huffaz Section)
  • Ms.Anum (
    MONT Section)
  • Ms.Fiza (
    MONT Section)
  • Sir Zaheer (
    Boys Section)
  • Zeenat Mehboob (
    Qariya Girls Campus)
  • Dania Ahmed (Girls Campus
March 2023
  • Ms.Eraj (Montessori Section)
  • Muhammad Saleem (Admin Montessori Section)
  • Ms Wazia Muneer
  • Syed Faheem Haider (Admin)
  • Hamid Hussain Palwa (Academics)
  • Syed Zaibi Fatima (Girls Campus)
  • Shazia Muhammad Akbar (Qaria Of the Month)(Girls Campus)
April 2023
  • Umair Riaz (Boys Campus)
  • Qari Shahid       (Boys Section)
  • Ms. Bakhtawar (Mont Section)
  • Ms.Alisha Amir (Mont Section)