THE BENHCMARK is a unique blend where students receive essential knowledge of Islam along with well-planned curriculum under the guideline of Cambridge University.  Arabic and English are taught as first language with understanding of Quran & Ahadith without any sectarian division.  At THE BENCHMARK, children are involved in numerous activities such as: swimming, taekwondo, gymnastic, basket ball and many more.

Our Vision

Indeed in the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad ur Rasoolullah (p.b.u.h.)] you have a good example to follow...

Primary Schooling

Quran time provides the children with an understanding of, and an appreciation for Allah...

Islamic Aim and Objective

To provide such a guideline that helps our students to become successful here in this world and in the hereafter the Akhira. As Allah subhana wa tala asks us to pray



Tips for Parents

Preschoolers have short memories and are easily distracted. Remind them about things several times...




Parents testimonials

Focus on character building and extracurricular activities are well appreciated. I am very well satisfied with teaching methodology…….



Latest Updates

The Benchmark is organizing monthly Dars-e-Quran on Saturday, 29th November 2014 INSHA’ALLAH!.....